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Dryer Vent Cleaning Tulsa

Do You Need To Have Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned?
  • Is your laundry taking more than one cycle to dry the clothes?
  • Does the dryer seem to be getting unusually hot while running?
  • Is there excessive humidity around the dryer?
  • The problem is rarely the dryer.
  • More than likely it is that your dryer venting system is clogged.

Why clean your dryer vent?

The number one reason to keep your dryer vent clean is to protect your family from a possible dryer lint fire!

  • Lessen the risk of a costly and dangerous dryer fire
  • Prevent premature wear and tear on the dryer
  • Reduce the time you need to spend doing laundry
  • Lower your energy costs

Customer Reviews:   


  • Tulsa Dryer Vent Cleaning Services did a great job and had friendly service technicians....

              Posted by Robert on 1/11/2012


  • Oklahoma Dryer Vent Cleaning Services is great. I called them on Monday and they came out on Tuesday and cleaned my dryer vent. I couldn't believe what came out of the dryer vent I am so glad I called them. I would highly recommend them.

    Robert G


        • I couldn't believe what came out of my dryer vent....


         Posted by Brad on 12/20/2011

         I had just replaced my dryer heating element and my dryer still was not drying my clothes.  A friend of mine told me about Tulsa Dryer
        Vent Cleaning Services so I scheduled an appointment and had them come out.  The service man got on my roof and pulled out a handfull of
        lint I didn't realize that my dryer vent could get clogged like that.  When they were done cleaning my dryer 
vent the lint filled his shop vac.  I
        recommend everyone to call them and get their dryer vent cleaned before this happens to them.  

        Brad H

         I just wanted to let you guys know that our dryer is working great since you cleaned out the vents. Everything is drying in just one cycle now, where before it was taking 
         2 or 3 times. I feel so much better knowing that there isn't a lot of lint clogging up the vents and possibly being a fire hazard. Thanks again for your great work! 
        Posted by:  Kristen F  2/2/2012

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